When you go shopping for household cleaners, do you look for eco-friendly brands?

This week we’re going to give our cleaning closets an upgrade by stocking them with products that are safe, effective, and healthier for you AND the environment!

πŸ’‘I know that for many of us, the coronavirus pandemic changed how we approached cleaning our homes and (especially at first) we brought out the BIG GUN cleaners … or in some cases, whatever was available at the store!

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ But it *totally* is possible to keep your home clean AND also kill off the nasty bugs and viruses you don’t want around you or your family.

⚑The problem with a lot of antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaners is that they can be a little too aggressive and kill off beneficial organisms, which can have an impact on gut health, especially for babies and young children.

A major study found that being exposed as babies to disinfectants and detergents was linked to a higher body mass index – while being exposed to eco-friendly products wasn’t.

How do you know which eco-friendly products actually work? 

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group is constantly updating its database of products. Check out their free guides, which are constantly being updated, here: www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners

  • Use reusable cloth cleaning wipes instead of disposable wipes.
  • Read labels and look for certifications such as β€œEPA Safer Choice,” β€œGreen Seal,” or the β€œEcoLogo.”
  • Make sure your room is well ventilated when you clean.

Are you in? Let’s see a before and after of your cleaning products closet!!!!

β†’ What are some of your fave eco-friendly cleaning products?! Do you love any particular brand?