About 360 Thrive

Their paths have meandered and crossed over the past five years, bringing Linda and Michelle together in what simply feels like fate. Since meeting in the fall of 2016 they felt an almost immediate kinship and shared a deep passion for health and wellness. At the time Linda was getting ready to open Release Well-Being Center, a dream that Michelle felt drawn to help Linda manifest as ultimately it was her dream, too. A few years later, Linda returned the dream making support as Michelle opened her own wellness center, Synergy.

Throughout the years they found themselves both heads down focused on running their wellness centers, but always continued to reach out to one another with questions and for support. When Covid hit, Linda and Michelle pulled together a group of local wellness center and yoga studio owners to support one another as they navigated the unprecedented time. These weekly Zoom sessions became an amazingly supportive community that didn’t view each other as competition and who shared information freely to help their peers. While the larger group began to meet less frequently, Michelle and Linda continued to meet and discuss their ideas.

In the fall of 2020, Linda and Michelle found themselves compelled to manifest one of these ideas: a new business concept that would become 360 Thrive. The idea was to address the missing puzzle piece they recognized for so many individuals in their communities. These individuals felt stuck tackling challenging health issues or pursuing a fulfilling life, and were seeking guidance, clarity and resolution. By combining their expertise and resources, they could deliver holistic health services and wellness education in a more coordinated fashion. 360 Thrive was created with a mission to support individuals in experiencing meaningful and lasting improvements to their well-being.

Linda Townsend, Co-Founder

Linda Townsend, Owner and Founder of Release Well-Being Center, had a dream – to bring together the many facets of holistic wellness in one location to meet a growing and unfulfilled need in MetroWest.

Drawing on her extensive background in the corporate environment, as well as her wellness knowledge and experience, Linda created an ideal “sanctuary” and community where individuals of any age and fitness level can find balance, purpose and well-being.


With a demanding career that includes working as an investigative newspaper and television journalist, a marketing and sales executive for several high-tech companies and recognition for her work in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Linda became acquainted with the need to prioritize her own self care. Trying to balance her career while raising three young children gave real perspective to the saying “you must put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help others!” This led her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2007 and then an executive and life coach. Ultimately, Linda connected with a team of wellness experts to realize and expand her dream for opening Release Well-Being Center.

She graduated as Valedictorian when she received her MBA from Northeastern University, has a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University and later received a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from William James College. Linda lives in Westborough, Massachusetts with her husband and three sons, and remains active in yoga, mindfulness, coaching, reading, gardening and volunteering.

Michelle Grasso, Co-Founder

Michelle Grasso, Owner and Founder of Synergy Wellness Center, dreamed of helping individuals in her community manage the stress and demands of life with the transformative healing power of holistic health services.

Michelle’s first career after graduating from Penn State was in Advertising in Los Angeles, where a close friend introduced her to Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Life, which sparked Michelle’s spiritual journey.


Despite being fascinated by the influence advertising has on people’s thoughts, Michelle sought more meaning in her work. After a few years in LA, Michelle backpacked through Europe, and upon returning to her home state of New York, moved to Massachusetts, where she obtained her MA in Counseling Psychology and joined the state’s Department of Children & Families as a Social Worker.

During graduate school, Michelle received Reiki during massages to manage stress, and these transformative treatments led her to receive Level I and II attunements. She joined a community of practitioners for monthly clinics, led by friend and spiritual mentor, Eliza Johnson, and in whose memory Synergy’s energy work offerings encourage healing.

Michelle later joined Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, where for 19 years she managed multiple programs that provided services to families involved with DCF. She was a Senior Manager, developed their customer service initiative, led legislative advocacy efforts, and planned agency wide wellness events. Her passion for keeping family and young people’s voices at the table, focusing on strengths, and emphasizing mindfulness in a high stress work environment were priorities until her departure in April 2018 to focus on opening Synergy Wellness Center.

Michelle lives in Westborough, Massachusetts with her husband, son and two cats, and enjoys cooking, gardening and kayaking.