It’s GO TIME! You’ve probably already guessed it, but this week’s  challenge is to add some jump-rope back into the mix (if you’re not already  doing it, of course!)  

If you’re not used to jumping rope, be patient! There’s a definite learning  curve. 

Here are some tips: start with shorter intervals of jumping until your body  gets used to the activity. Try to remain light on your feet and keep your  knees soft as you land. 

Quality jump ropes can also make a big difference as they allow you more  control. 

You can pick up a good one at most sporting goods stores. You also can  buy ropeless jump ropes, which actually are only weighted handles, so you  won’t smack yourself in the shins if you miss a jump! And… if you want to  

jump with your “imaginary jump rope” that’s perfectly ok also ☺

After warming up by briskly walking or doing a little cardio, put on some fun  music and try jumping for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds, for a  total of 5 minutes.  

Voila! You just completed a 5-minute HIIT workout.  

The goal this week is to add jump roping into your routine at least twice  this week. 

Play around with your jump rope skills and have fun with it. Mix up your  jumps, from skipping to running in place… and all the way up to double unders if you’re feeling ambitious!