When’s the last time you walked around outside barefoot? Have you ever noticed how  great you sleep after a day of walking in the sand or being in the ocean? 

Well, emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground can have some pretty  significant health benefits. 

This might sound like something straight out of fringe science, but think about it… your  body is actually an electrical being. That’s why AED’s work when someone’s heart  stops beating. 

Our daily exposure to pollutants and modern technology such as Wi-Fi, electromagnetic  waves and mobile phones can add high amounts of positive electrons (called free  radicals) to build up in our bodies. 

It’s believed that direct contact with the ground helps bring us back to a “neutral state”  because the earth has a negative grounding charge. 

Negative ions from the earth’s surface rush into our bodies to discharge the unpaired  positive ions we’ve picked up. 

Grounding, sometimes called “Earthing”, is said to help with: 

• Reducing inflammation and chronic pain 

• Improving sleep 

• Increasing energy 

• Relieving muscle tension & headaches 

• Lowering stress 

• Improving blood pressure & blood flow 

• Improving mental clarity