Functional And LifeStyle Medicine

We take a whole-body approach to health, healing and wellness at 360 Thrive. Our providers are skilled in the disciplines of functional and lifestyle medicine, determining the root cause of symptoms and illness by looking into multiple contributing factors such as your lifestyle, your environment, and your genes. Treatment is then developed based on individual results rather than a one-size-fits-all plan.

Functional and lifestyle medicine help individuals wanting to eliminate chronic symptoms & illness, those looking to make lasting changes by keeping their metabolic, hormonal, & gut health in balance, and anyone hoping to improve the way they feel inside and out.

Comprehensive Assessment 
Prior to meeting your Care Provider for the first time, you will complete a detailed intake form with questions about your past and present health and well-being, family history, significant life events, dietary choices, movement regime and other self-care practices. This may also include other tools that will help to provide a comprehensive health overview, such as lab work.

Meetings with Care Provider
You will then meet with your Care Provider three times over the course of a three-month period. During these 1-2 hour visits, your Provider will take the necessary time to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Visits will include:

  • The selection of additional tools, as needed, to get to the underlying cause of any issues you are experiencing and inform strategies for resolution, such as laboratory assessments
  • A review of all information gathered
  • Working together to create a personalized Care Plan, which will encompass the five pillars of well-being—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual—with targeted strategies to attain your desired health outcomes.

Your Care Provider will continue as an active participant throughout your engagement with 360 Thrive, including consulting with your Wellness Coach to implement and sustain your Care Plan. You will also have the option fro add supplementary visits with your Care Provider as desired.