360 Thrive utilizes a functional medicine approach that complements traditional medicine, in order to offer a holistic program comprised of three phases; Discovery, Action and Thrive.

Our team of wellness experts will partner with you to define your vision for a healthy and fulfilling life, work with you to co-create a personalized formula to attain your vision, and provide support and accountability as you work towards your well-being goals.

Phase 1:


A strong partnership is the cornerstone of a successful holistic care management experience. In the discovery phase, we take the time to build this partnership and form a comprehensive understanding of you, your genetics, your biochemical and lifestyle factors, your current state of well-being and any issues you are experiencing, and your desired outcomes. 

Select Care Provider

Begin by selecting a Care Provider from our expert team, with all members having additional training in holistic care including specializations in Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Ayurveda, and Naturopathic Medicine.

Phase 2:


Your personalized Care Plan will provide you with options for either individual work with a Wellness Coach or community support through our group-based Wellness Forums. Both directions will explore your Care Plan to overcome health challenges and boost wellness in all 5 Pillars of Well-Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. This process integrates practices that help amplify learning and transformation.

Phase 3:


In the final Wellness Coaching session or final Wellness Forum meeting, you will review the goals and objectives of your individualized Care Plan. With the guidance of your Wellness Coach or Wellness Forum Facilitator, you will develop a measurable self-directed plan to help you maintain your results and continue progress.

To create the on-going coaching plan, discussions focus on questions around behavioral change, which wellness modalities fueled you and moved you towards your desired results, key insights and steps for continued progress.

360 Thrive is a committed partner in your well-being journey, which means additional coaching, labs or other assistance can be incorporated during the course of the Wellness Forum as well as into the ongoing Care Plan.