💡If you’re looking for a TOP source of plant-based protein, legumes (beans) are a great source! Lentils are a favorite because of their texture, taste, and the fact that they cook up more quickly than other legumes.

⭐ PLUS … they are loaded with good-for-your-gut fiber, something a lot of us struggle to get enough of.

💚 They have been linked with health benefits including lower cholesterol and blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease, and they also can help keep you feeling fuller longer.

➡ No matter what kind of legume you’re preparing, it’s important to make sure they are fully cooked before you eat them because the uncooked version contains “antinutrients,” which can affect both your digestive system and the absorption of other nutrients.

🥘 Enjoy lentils in soups and stews, in salads, or in chili!