Written By Erin Linde.

I was recently asked for tips on packing school lunches.  Our girls started packing their own lunches for school a while ago.  However, if they are really busy with homework and after school activities, sometimes I will make their lunches for them. 

When they make their own lunches, I encourage them to include a fruit, a vegetable, some protein and healthy fat.  They usually pack an apple, clementines or grapes, baby carrots or sliced peppers, hummus in a little container for dipping, maybe a MacroBar, popcorn, leftovers or salad.  Sometimes they’ll roll up a few slices of turkey for their protein or take a bag of almonds.

Here is a picture of a lunch that I packed for them.  In each of their lunch boxes they had:

  • 2 clementines
  • Bag of popcorn
  • MacroBar
  • Kale salad with shredded carrots, chopped almonds and roasted turkey with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

If your kids have some favorite school lunch ideas, please let me know.  It is fun to try new healthy meals and snacks!

Bon appétit!